The amount of naming of the studio and the Suma is made with every single heart as the first gift to the born baby.

The history

In Japan, there is a custom called “meimeisho (naming ceremony)”, in which the name of the baby, written on the seventh day after birth, is celebrated by decorating it between the shelves and the floor. It is said that it is a day to report to the people living in the area and the gods of the land that they are "human." Until the workshop, we process the brush-written naming book three-dimensionally and make the framed "named amount" completely original.


A craftsman will shape the name with the feelings of his parents with thoughts


A craftsman will shape the name with the feelings of his parents with thoughts


Short side: about 250mm
Long side: about 330mm
Thickness: about 38mm

Production days

7-10 days

Price (with decoration stand)

30,000 yen
(excluding tax and shipping)


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests regarding the naming amount.
Reception hours 9: 00-18: 00 (regular holidays Sundays and holidays)

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About us


Started producing signatures in 2009 when the studio KARASUMA was opened.He draws his unique expression in kanji and is involved in the development of various product designs such as signs and gifts.

Calligraphy writing designer TSUYOSHI MORIKAWA

Put the original meaning and feeling of "Kanji" on the brush character, A pioneer in brush character design that expresses dynamism and emotion.